[YouTube] [screenshots] I built a giant castle, let me give you a tour

I built a giant castle… 'nuff said…
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I’d have loved a bit more color, but… wow. Just the scale of that thing is impressive!

How long did it take to build? Did you use insta-build at all?


Awesome! simply awesome!

Even disregarding the architecture design etc, just being able to build that thing without your savegame corrupting etc is an accomplishment on its own.

Yes, I did use insta build - I’ve tried similar projects in Alpha 16 which worked, but Alpha 17 seemed to break the game and I had to use insta build to actually make it happen.

Also - through my massive buildings I have found that Hearthlings tend to trap themselves on top of walls and die of starvation.

PS - save game corruption is why I cycle through 3 saves, because sometimes it isn’t apparent right away when something is wrong.

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Dont get me wrong, It looks amazing, but I would’ve added a tiny bit more detail, more color as @coasterspaul said above, more plants, and maybe some more lighting. Other than that you did an amazing job!