Youtube catastrophe

so I logged into youtube today, and couldnt comment on anything without having to sign into google, why? why has google destroyed youtube like this? every update google makes to youtube makes it worse, now they are forcing Google+ for some reason, are they so desperate to have people use their terrible services?

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i have not messed with it but did you uncheck share on google+

I use a separate account, always have for personal, paranoid reasons >.> i shouldnt be getting requests for google+

I have seen the new comment section and I can’t say I like it. Maybe it will calm the YT rage wars though, which can’t be a bad thing

in the rage war’s defence, they were kind of funny to read :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll give you that, although this layout does make to improve them, rather than “click ‘see comment’ and go on an adventure” (a regular top comment), you can now see all sub-replies to a reply, like Facebook has

depends on the video though, honestly, some dont have rage wars

True, but of the ones I watch it must be at least 25% do :slight_smile:

You have to look for the gems

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Sadly, half of them have the original comment deleted :’(

well getting to replies is either very easy, or VERY annoying now, opens a new video everytime i click in reply to [Random Dude’s name].

Well at least they’re not enforing me to use my real name :sunny:

The new Youtube layout is awful.

gah, people complain far too much. have you ever had to pay a penny for hours and hours of quality entertainment. It was always google’s plan to make gogole plus the platform to launch all its apps and website.
remember that youtube is non profit. All its proceeds go back into paying youtubers for content.


I agree, people complain a lot about FREE stuff, but in their defense, youtube has been pushing Google+ a lot lately. I’m just upset about the fact that you can now post links in comments. LINKS There is nothing more aggravating then that. Now the comment section is a hate filled mess with the ability to spread viruses! Woohoo.

Did I mention that I hate people who complain a lot? :blush:

Links are useful, if you’re paranoid to expect viruses on each link, whereas commonly it’s just those sites that pay the person spreading them round for each visitor, I doubt their addition of links is going to affect you. And you could put the address for them before anyway. Sure you could argue that people are encouraged by the new convenience, but I like links and I’m pleased with that addition. The person should be able to decide if they trust such a URL.

Also, I’m no pro hacker, but I’m pretty sure most anti-virus software does what the name says - they stop viruses. I don’t know why people think going on dodgy websites will automatically download viruses and break your computer. Why else are you paying for your anti-virus software? I suppose there are the people without anti-virus software but imo they’re reckless if not stupid, and should definitely not be clicking on unknown links in Youtube comment sections in such a situation.

if your worried about dodgy links use the addon WOT (web of trust).

I’m not so worried about shady links because I tend to avoid the comments section altogether, but the idea of it vexes me. I know of a few big name youtube are who are now disabling comments solely because of the possibility for them to spread malware.

hmm… i wasnt really on either side of the “argument” to be honest… but this is a very valid concern…

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you are no more likely to get a virus from youtube as you are from facebook. and what big names are these? seems like they’re shooting themselves in the foot

I know the Yogscast network has mostly stopped comments because of Google+, but that was only one real reason

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