Youtube Help Needed

Ok, here is the situation: I have my youtube account, YouTube

And for some reason, Google+ is being weird: I upload a profile picture to google+ ( only way possible) But it will never show up! If you know how to accually upload a profile image, please reply to me!

P.S. Steve, if you are gonna close this thread, please allow someone to respond first! :3

When you upload a picture it takes a bit to update youtube and google+, Patience is key

Hmm… an hour? Well, I don’t doubt your knowledge, you have a youtube account too! Thanks!

good grief… now why would I close this thread? you asked a perfectly legitimate question … come on I’m not that mean… :wink:

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Emphasis on “that” xD

Depending on the change it can take significantly more than an hour with some updates on YouTube (avatar, header, thumbnail for videos)…

Thread back up for MC people

Looks like they helped you solve your problem.