Google+ Survival Guide

I know this is a chaotic time to be asking, but does anyone have a survival guide for google+? I just want the youtube channel, the gmail is nice, but I have absolutely. no. need. for google+ and only proceeds to get in my way, for one, what gamer in their right mind wants to go by their real name? No, obviously they want to go by their internet name, something google has failed to recognize. Nuking my current google account is fine, fresh start is always nice for the new year, resubscribing will be a bit of a hassle, but if it means not having to deal with google+ nonsense, i’d be worth it.
many thx ~Pyrite

Could you not just use Pyre Starite as your G+ name? Why does it have to be IRL?

I apologise if you do actually somehow need to use a real name, I lack any experience with G+.

No one wants G+. Google automagically signs you up and connects all your accounts (as far as I know) so you’re kind of forced to have G+ if you’re using any other google products. I think Smokestacks’ suggestion is your best option… just use your pseudonym instead of your real name.

They state that they hunt down and remove accounts with fake names, but I have some friends who use clearly fictitious names and their accounts have been in good working order (well, they’re G+, so they work as well as anything does on that site) for months.