You're Banned! (Forum Game)

I ban @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 with the promise of keeping an eye on this topic for them in order to allow you people to continue with the forum game

That said, I ban each and every one of you, in a desperate struggle to be the winner despite not knowing the victory conditions :stuck_out_tongue:

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I hereby ban @Smokestacks for thinking that there’s still a game to be won, when, in fact, I already won it 614 posts ago.

I hereby ban @ManOfRet for thinking he has won this game. Everyone knows that I won the game because I am the creator of this thread and I can do whatever I want!

Evil Laugh

I ban @EpicDwarf for being evil

I ban @ManOfRet and @EpicDwarf for not realising that you cannot win this game, I also ban @Gridnick for posting before me

I ban @Newf for banning three people in one post!

I ban @Alfie for having an avatar which I can’t see what it is

I ban @Gridnick for not being able to see what my avatar is!

I ban @Alfie for not saying what his avatar is

My Avatar is an ‘A’. I ban @Gridnick for making me say what my avatar is!

I ban @Alfie for being lazy

I ban @Gridnick for banning @Alfie for being lazy when he started the discussion in the first place by not understanding what @Alfie’s avatar is.
'Avatar starts with A. I will shorten the word avatar to a. therefore, @Alfie’s username really is exactly A.'
Oh snap

I ban @EvanX3oooo for theorizing my name when actually, Alfie is my real name, and I use ‘A’ just because it’s the first letter.

I ban @Alfie for not understanding that my theory, in theory, had nothing to do with his username.
Cya in an hour!

I ban @EvanX3oooo for [Error code: 549183 please consult a moderator]

I hereby ban @Gridnick for thinking that this game has priority over our lives.

I hereby ban @Heilari for thinking this game doesn’t have priority over our lives

I hereby ban @Gridnick for blowing my mind.

I hereby ban @Heilari for not telling me how I blew his mind

I ban @EvanX3oooo in order to keep mention of ahem lavatory visits, to a minimum. :stuck_out_tongue: