What if? [Forum Game]


Ok so the game is about what if’ing the one above your reply, for example the next person to reply to this thread will reply something similar to this ''What if Ownerpure5 [something approriate but random] Try to keep it as appropriate as possible while making it fun to read! We want to laugh hard when reading your replys!! OK SO BEGIN!!!


what if @ownerpure5 went 4 minutes without starting a new thread?

sorry … too easy! :stuck_out_tongue:


What if SteveAdamo went 2 minutes without locking a thread ._.


pyre walks up with a Muzzle behind his back
Don’t mind me, just keep doing…whatever it is you’re doing
puts on the most incredibly fake smile possible


What if PyreStarite actually is SNACKMAN!

Kinda agree with @SteveAdamo Steve though. @ownerpure5 I don’t mind you starting alot of new threads. But keep 'm new and refreshing. Most of the stuff you ask for has already been answered or there isn’t an answer yet :slight_smile: Use the search function and we’ll love ya for it.


What if @SteveAdamo closes this thread before it gets out of hand like the Banning Game

I did not leave a link so that thread could finally die


What if @Newf is a different kind of Newf

Why? What happened at that thread? O.o


What if @Ghost spoke Chinese, not English?


What if ManOfRet was a professional Elephant Polo superstar?


What if this this thread really was getting ahead of it’s self and then there would be two ban game threads


What if @PyreStarite is actually a massive anti-fun troll who is trying to destroy all of our forum games?


What if Manofret was right about pyre


What is @ownerpure5 was not a pure owner?


What if Pyre was detecting hostility O_o


What if @newf regretted this thread


what is @SteveAdamo did as well, and was hovering over the “lock thread” button?

ooooo… shiny!


What if @SteveAdamo managed to overcome his addiction, and found salvation from Threadalockatitis?


What if @tom and @Ponder got into this thread?


What if Советская Россия никогда не существовало?


What if you guys all learned how to proporly play this forum game -.-