What if? [Forum Game]

Ok so the game is about what if’ing the one above your reply, for example the next person to reply to this thread will reply something similar to this ''What if Ownerpure5 [something approriate but random] Try to keep it as appropriate as possible while making it fun to read! We want to laugh hard when reading your replys!! OK SO BEGIN!!!

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what if @ownerpure5 went 4 minutes without starting a new thread?

sorry … too easy! :stuck_out_tongue:


What if SteveAdamo went 2 minutes without locking a thread ._.


pyre walks up with a Muzzle behind his back
Don’t mind me, just keep doing…whatever it is you’re doing
puts on the most incredibly fake smile possible

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What if PyreStarite actually is SNACKMAN!

Kinda agree with @SteveAdamo Steve though. @ownerpure5 I don’t mind you starting alot of new threads. But keep 'm new and refreshing. Most of the stuff you ask for has already been answered or there isn’t an answer yet :slight_smile: Use the search function and we’ll love ya for it.

What if @SteveAdamo closes this thread before it gets out of hand like the Banning Game

I did not leave a link so that thread could finally die

What if @Newf is a different kind of Newf

Why? What happened at that thread? O.o

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What if @Ghost spoke Chinese, not English?

What if ManOfRet was a professional Elephant Polo superstar?

What if this this thread really was getting ahead of it’s self and then there would be two ban game threads

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What if @PyreStarite is actually a massive anti-fun troll who is trying to destroy all of our forum games?

What if Manofret was right about pyre

What is @ownerpure5 was not a pure owner?

What if Pyre was detecting hostility O_o

What if @newf regretted this thread

what is @SteveAdamo did as well, and was hovering over the “lock thread” button?

ooooo… shiny!


What if @SteveAdamo managed to overcome his addiction, and found salvation from Threadalockatitis?

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What if @tom and @Ponder got into this thread?

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What if Советская Россия никогда не существовало?

What if you guys all learned how to proporly play this forum game -.-