Xbox players of the Stonehearh Community - Assemble!

So last night @Smokestacks and I played some Xbox (by played I mean thoroughly trounced him at FIFA). There were around 6 or 7 people who indicated that they played on the 360 over in the community feedback thread, and as such this will be where we can arrange games together, or some sort of gaming league.

Just comment in this thread if you are interested in playing some friendly games, or if you wish to get a bit more competitive and play for bragging rights. If there are enough of us we can arrange ourselves into teams and let the hilarity ensue.

As for what we should actually play I’m currently thinking:

Halo 4/ Reach
CoD MW3/ BO2
Forza 4

So just comment on this thread and we’ll get some sort of organisation to the chaos.

Current Roster:


I have Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, I don’t have a mic though. If you’ll have me I’ll play. Not much into CoD but Halo was my job before I went to collage


Stonehearh! Xbox 360 not my thang tho ;c

i dont have any of those games, but i could be persuaded to purchase a few… however, is a gold membership required for this to work?

I think you can have silver to play online, you just can’t talk, no?

Edit: I talk nonsense. Take nothing from what I just said :smile:

@SteveAdamo You require Xbox Live Gold to play MOST games online. I think that games listed by Geoffers all require gold unless a silver online weekend is coming up

No longer Gold Member cannot play.

“Silver” is just the same thing as “no-level”. There is no significance to silver except for actually being a member of xBox Live.

And that’s why I no longer use my Xbox. PC Baby

Nope, I got an xbox, but nope :pager: Works calling

i know some guys at MSFT (one of the guys who used to work at the hospital)… he get’s some sort of swanky arrangement with the Xbox division…

i’ll see if i can swing a gold membership… :smile:


How about a prototype X1?

he works in the enterprise architecture division, specializing in SharePoint… but he does get access to some R&D… i’ll see what i can manage… :smile:


In other news, I managed to reclaim some of my lost games, including Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2, and Dishonored, but unfortunately no Halo 4.

I can only play if people are willing to donate some 48hr pass thingys

Oh, if anyone wants to friend me, my Live name is C0LT F1RE4RMS.

Is anyone up for a little Borderlands 2? That is one of my all-time favorite games, and I haven’t been able to play it in a while (or with friends a whole lot) so if anyone is willing, I am more than happy to play!

Alright, I got a code for 48-hour Code. I want to play some Halo 4, anyone care to join?

i would! if i had a pass… or Halo 4… or spare time to play Halo 4 on the XBox… :smile:

it’s the thought that counts though, right?


I might be able to get some game time tomorrow - busy celebration ing a birthday today!

well, my stars and stripes!


i hope you spend the day laying by the pool, eating grapes, and being fanned by David Beckham lookalikes… enjoy!

and my apologies… was the best i could do on such short notice… :cry: