Writer’s Workshop Submissions. Cycle 4, Week 4 - FINALS

Welcome to Cycle 4, Week 4 of the Writer’s Workshop… the Finals! :smile:

Please note, this weeks competition is only open to our finalists: @PDanford, @Atralane, @naturalnuke and @Ellogeyen

Submission rules (note: these will differ slightly from week to week)

  • You can only submit one story per week.

  • [color=blue]The theme for this week is “The Story of a Seafarer”.[/color] (thanks @Atralane )

  • [color=blue]The story must also tie in with this cycle’s theme “My Little Steampunk adventures”.[/color]

  • [color=blue]You must have someone pass out from exhaustion during the course of the story.[/color]

  • We’re asking for submissions to be no more than 500 words.

  • Vote for as many stories as you want - simply ‘like’ the associated post by clicking the heart at the bottom of the submission.

  • If you submit a story continuation from a previous week, there will be a varying number of automatic “likes” associated with the submission.

  • Keep all discussion of this week over here, as anything in this thread that isn’t a story will be moved or deleted.

Story submissions will close on Wednesday October 30th. We’ll announce winners and prizes on October 31st!

If there are any questions, feel free to pop over to the discussion thread and ask away.

Good luck finalists! :smiley:

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A highly decorated officer stands before a large crowd, mostly soldiers but also a lot of people that look more like brigands and common folk.
Its a large plaza with a massive lineup of airships tied at the steep side.
Would one fall, it would be 5 kilometers to rock bottom.
“Soldiers” his voice booms “Today we have to fight hard, you all have been briefed and time is running out. This is no ordinary battle, so the mayor will hold the last speech.”

With that he steps down from the pedestal and courtly nods to the tired looking man stepping up. The mayor clears his throat and begins his speech.

“People of Cloudstorm, we have been prosperous the last two decades, but all of this is about to end as you know. But we must be brave. Let me tell you of Kayleen D’argaut.
After defeating the City of Northlake we knew they had plans to retaliate, we learned about the TOM menace, but when the TOMs vanished the threat was discarded.
Two weeks ago one of our steam boats the Sullen Rabbit on its way to Calmhaven vanished, two smaller boats were sent out to investigate.
Miss D’argaut is the sole survivor from the Sullen Rabbit and she is with the evacuating townsfolk now.
She told us that her crew of two dozen sailors was stranded on an unknown island, the boat got caught on some rocks and they went ashore to find means to free it.
What they found was a complex of factories, believing they could find help there, they went in. It was Kayleens luck that she was at the end of the group, when the TOMs attacked without warning, she and three other sailors were able to make a run for it.
One of the searching boats spotted the Sullen Rabbit, but the TOMs found it at the same time, so the outcome of this battle was as sad as to be expected.
Through incredible bravery the 4 sailors were able to secure a fast one man boat.
For the last three days Miss D’argaut made her way back to us to warn us, she tied herself to the steering wheel, but sleep was not possible.
I was present when she gave her report and some documents with estimates of the TOM army, when she felt we believed her, she collapsed from the exhaustion.”

At this point the mayor points to one of the large boards with schemes on the side of the podest. “You all have seen the numbers. Even the most optimistic estimate has us outnumbered ten times over.”

He stands upright and booms loudly now “We cannot overcome the enemy nor can we escape. But we can fight to win time for everyone else. Fight with all your might, every live we give may save a ten or even a hundred others! This is our final fight, the enemy will be upon us soon. Let this be our bravest hour!”

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The Story of a Seafarer
From The Chronicles of the Uhra, Part 4

Harv Kesser and Arthur Finnebaker rushed out of the barracks with all the available men that could still be spared. “How are we going to make this work?” he asked Arthur. “We’re still going to need something to lure the Pyrakestrel in place.”

Arthur tried to smile in reassurance. “I’m not entirely sure myself. That Geodamo fellow who commands the regional forces said he had a plan and rushed off to the harbor. All we can do is play our role.”

While they rushed down the burning streets of Carbas, Geodamo’s men had followed the canals to the massive harbor. Most of the ships had either left their mooring or burned with the surrounding buildings.

One in particular was still in sturdy shape, however. It was a beast of a galleon, painted in bright gold, orange, and scarlet hues. Countless rows of cannons adorned the ship’s broadside.

A greying man rushed down the gangplank and saluted the group. “Wheelhouse master James Tallis, at your orders, sir. The Mussick is fully armed, but we sacrificed some men to control the fires around the harbor.”

“Can we move the ship down the main canal into the reservoir lake?”

The man thought to himself. “It’d be a tight fit, but yes, we’d have just enough leeway. Are we to engage the Titan there?” His voice was edged, but calm.

“Tell the remaining men to unload all but the top port row of cannons from the ship as quickly as possible—dump them off the ship if you have to, we need to sail quickly,” said Geodamo.


As the Mussick was being lightened, the ground team had reached the crashed Uhra. “It looks like the cannon survived the crash, but can’t reload the chambers,” Arthur reported.

“Alright, level the basket. We need to manually aim,” Harv said behind the cursor. The cannon slowly turned until he saw the target.

The dam over Carbas.

By then, the Mussick had grounded against the base of the great dam, shooting the remaining guns at the Titan. The creature suddenly regained clarity and spotted the bright ship.

That’s enough men, get off the ship to the safe point!! Are the powder magazines ready, Mr. Tallis?” Geodamo yelled.

The seaman grinned. “A shame the ship has to go this way, but…yes. Let’s move!”

The Titan swooped in, lashing at the ship. Yet once the cannon team saw the empty ship…

Harv let the last two rounds go straight into the side of the Mussick.

The explosion shattered the dam, crashing stone and water alike upon the Pyrakestrel. The water flowed through Carbas, extinguishing most of the Titan’s fires. Slowly, the civilians emerged from the safe houses. The ethereal phoenix stirred no more.

Harv sank into the seat of the cannon and passed out. Arthur smiled, figuring letting the poor man rest was well-deserved, considering today’s events. “Rest well, friend.”

Geodamo shook Tallis’ hand as they watched the ruin below. “I’m sorry we had to sacrifice the Mussick, wheelhouse master. But…thank you.”

Tallis sighed. “Well, It’s still not enough to make me retire, not yet,” he said beaming. “I’m still a seafarer, through and through.”

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ok folks, submissions are now closed… voting will continue through tomorrow… :smiley:

Sorry for the roughness, sloppiness and colorlessness. It’s exam week at the university :smile:

Better one next time!

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