Writer’s Workshop Submissions. Cycle 3, Week 4 - FINALS

Welcome to Cycle 3, Week 4 of the Writer’s Workshop… the Finals! :smile:

Please note, this weeks competition is only open to our finalists: @PDanford, @Zendo, @Atralane, @naturalnuke, @Smith, @SteveAdamo

Submission rules (note: these will differ slightly from week to week)

  • You can only submit one story per week.

  • [color=blue]The theme for this week is “A tale of two towns”.[/color] (thanks @Relyss )

  • [color=blue]The story must also tie in with this cycle’s theme “The Forging of a Kingdom”.[/color]

  • [color=blue]You must include a reference to the local law enforcement, Steffers Geodamo.[/color]

  • We’re asking for submissions to be no more than 400 words.

  • Vote for as many stories as you want - simply ‘like’ the associated post by clicking the heart at the bottom of the submission.

  • If you submit a story continuation from a previous week, there will be a varying number of automatic “likes” associated with the submission.

  • Keep all discussion of this week over here, as anything in this thread that isn’t a story will be moved or deleted.

Story submissions will close on Wednesday October 2nd.

If there are any questions, feel free to pop over to the discussion thread and ask away.

Good luck finalists! :smiley:

A Tale of Two Towns
From the Diary of Sond Geppas, Toellian Archer

It was nearly time. It was a big day for all of us, really. This would be the opening journey on Toel’s first established trade route since its founding. I was chosen as one of the caravan escorts. It was a respectable trek to the town of Carbas, but it’d be worth it—the area was renowned for its bazaars and shipping.

“Are you ready yet, Grenda? Caravan’s nearly rolling out!”

The bespectacled weaver was gathering the last strips on her drying rack. “I’m sorry, it just needed more time.” She frowned, looking at the rack. “Why does it always seem the top bars of these things are smaller than the rest…?”

“You can analyze the workstation later, we have to get the rest of the product on the wagons!”

Honestly, she notices the strangest things sometimes.

Boss Isana and Elder Amami were waiting by the gates. Isana gave the guard captain, the ever-modest Fernd, a hard slap on the shoulder. “Now, make sure all these wagons come back, you hear? We’re stretching our resources pretty thin here, and we’re expecting a huge payout with this trip. Do us all proud boys!”

“—And don’t give them an inch when it comes to the haggling!” This came from the Elder, of all people. I suppose even the mirthful atmosphere was even getting to her.

We saluted, and the townsfolk cheered as the caravan headed out.

The first half of the trip went smoothly—Toel was still small, so most brigands either ignored us or hadn’t even heard of the new state yet.

As we reached the Fahra Outpost, nearing Carbas, though…

“…GET THE WAGONS CLOSE TO THE TOWER, AND BRING THE CIVILIANS IN! THERE’S SNIPERS!” The voice came from the head of the outpost, a stoic fellow by the name of Steffers Geodamo.

The waves of bandits were quickly closing inward, arrows zipping past our heads. I fired a few return shots from the rear of a wagon, only momentarily slowing their approach.

A glow from the outpost tower gave us hope, though—they had mages. A LOT of mages.

“FIRE!” Geodamo commanded.

An endless screen of immolation shot over us, consuming the pursuers. It seemed like the fiery sky lasted an eternity.

“Is…is it over…?” I asked. The soot was still settling.

“Yes,” Fernd said. “…and you see that shimmer, right over there between those hills?”


“That’s Carbas.”


A Tale of Two Towns
The secession of Cloudstorm

The following events take place in the time where the young Queen Isana is gone adventuring in the plane of the MCP.
About half a decade later she should return to a kingdom splintered into several cities each struggling for power individually.

But this is the story of the twin city of Ironwall and Cloudstorm, more exactly its when Cloudstorm struggles for independence.
Ironwall was the second city of the tiny kingdom, it was just coming of age when Isana unexpectedly vanished. It grew into a mountain and then slowly climbed it and that is where Cloudstorm sat. High on the mountain, connected by giant spindling staircases and dirigibles.

Because of the dangers in the high city it quickly became a ghetto for poor people, struggling from day to day job, earning a penny here and there. It became so bad, that some people died from hunger and just being unceremoniously thrown down.

“Jor” she whispered “quick the guards are gone” when she glared over he was fidgeting with the large backpack “I am ready Ina, lets move” (the poor often named their girls Ina, after Isana in memory of better times).
Both moved quickly keeping to shadows, only one really large dirigible had yet been built and this was where they were headed.
When they reached the bow Ina whistled shortly.
Someone threw down two ropes and they fastened the backpack to one then pulled the rope strongly twice. While the freight was pulled up Ina and Jor quickly started to climb the other rope.

Suddenly there was an eruption far far in the heights, men around the dock started to swarm around busily.
Even more quickly both climbed the railing just before they were seen they hoped. “The fighting already started” Minks the sailor on their side said “look the city guards are already assembling”.

They hauled the backpack to the place one of the engineers told them was the most vulnerable.
Suddenly the loud voice of Steffers Geodamo, the cities commissioner boomed “I have seen someone here, show yourself”.
They looked at each other and quickly set the fuse, lit it and made a run for it.

Steffers Geodamo hearing their steps found the keg with the lit fuse.
Pondering the moving spark, he could have extinguished it, his foot hovering over the fuse.

Then he turned around running quickly “Bomb aboard move move, all jump ship!”


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