Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 3, Week 2


I am working on my story too. And @PDanford I read your submission before your post here and was thinking to myself “W…w…what? I didn’t write my story yet!”

It’s absolutely fine, it’s not exactly too difficult to reach the reference :wink: in fact, you’ve won a cycle, no? Provides hope if we think alike :wink:

likewise… i think i need to get to work on part II… :blush:

so many ideas already used regarding the bunny folk though…

[quote=“Smokestacks, post:17, topic:2950”]in fact, you’ve won a cycle, no? Provides hope if we think alike :wink:

Sorry mate I only won the one or other round but never won in a finals match… sigh

Dang, I forgot the title hierarchy. My bad. :blush:

Phew, just got mine in!

A little more time to spare compared to last week. I decided to try my next illustration in pencil and paper, rather than trying to do it all with a PAINT program on my computer–I think it’s better…

You’ll also notice I went closer to the artwork on the Stonehearth media pages, rather than in-game graphics–Grenda and the Leporian have elbows! After looking back at my previous picture, it just seemed awkward trying to copy the voxel style in a picture, so I’d like to stick to this new format if you guys prefer it. It feels more like a comic book, personally. I kind of like it, but really, it’s up to you guys. (I survive on feedback…)

Also, if you were wondering, “Leporian” is a play off of Leporidae, the scientific family that includes hares and rabbits.

Edit: Crud @naturalnuke , looking back, my story’s plot is awfully similar to yours… I’m sorry, I should have looked a bit more at everyone’s entries so far.

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ack! i need to get cracking on mine…

clever… very clever… :wink:

i think there is enough distinction… fear not!

edit: aaaaaand, made it! i didnt have as much time as i wanted to flesh out this part of the story… but i think it worked out alright… hope someone enjoys the read! :smile:

darn, all i needed was one more like… :disappointed_relieved:

take heart, there’s still time to collect votes! and remember, when you carry a story from one week to the next, you are automatically awarded a certain number of “likes”… :+1:

problem is i didn’t…

but from here, you can to week 3… :smiley:

what is next weeks theme?

it looks like: “My adventures in an alternate plane”… brilliant idea, i think… :wink:

good, i was half way through writing it when i saw the WW schedule change.

Jeepers, gotta give it my best just to make it to the finals.
But I like how tough the competition got, good contributions all around :rabbit:

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I am quite at a loss for words - thank you for releasing your place to @naturalnuke and me @SteveAdamo!

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absolutely! the more folks in the finals, the merrier… :smile:

i had already secured my place from week 1’s competition … but, let’s just say im an awesome guy, and leave it at that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes thank you. :smile:

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Congratulations to the winners! It sure feels like the voting has been a bit more active recently, it was pretty close for some of the entries score-wise.

Looking forward to the next week’s entries, since we have practically no information on the alternate planes as of yet. Anything goes…

–except rhyming. Rhyming is apparently a crucial element to time-space travel and alternate dimensions.


im glad you picked up on that! :smile:

i was pressed for time, and that was the first “special criteria” that came to mind… perhaps i should open it up for suggestions, along with themes?

if anyone wants to toss out some ideas for weekly writing “criteria”, feel free! :smiley: