Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 2, Week 3


yes… thats one of the new changes we’re implementing into the challenge…

each week there will be a set of criteria that the writer must follow (insert names characters, write in a certain perspective, or using a certain style, etc.)… this week, it was using Tom and Tony’s names… :smile:

yes, demonic pillow monsters run rampant through the streets… of course, they’re draped in Hello Kitty pillow cases, so… yeah


Yah, they got assaulted then. it’s edited in, and now I wait for the likes to come pouring in. pretends not to cry :cry:


excellent! and im flattered you enjoyed the Lights Ascension… sounds rather impressive, doesnt it… :stuck_out_tongue:


I Needed a name for it, i liked it, and i find referencing stuff to make the content more enjoyable. I posted a post on the writers guild that talked about putting non-winners in the same book, but no one appears to care.
^ Stonehearth Scribes: Writers Guild


Ah, just finished mine…! (phew)

I figured (being the wannabe writer I am) I’d try out for the workshop. A bit tricky, though…it’s weird after taking a standardized test where you are heavily encouraged to write no less than 400 words for your essays and then taking part in the workshops here for less…you can never make everyone happy!

Despite that, I’m fairly certain I got my entry under 400 words–if I went over, please tell me so I can profusely apologize in a humorous, over-animated fashion.

Just don’t send the demon pillows after me.


we really need to discuss this pillow fetish of yours at some point… some pent up childhood issues, im sensing… :smile:

i’m glad you entered, and i enjoyed your story!

  1. They’re demonic, and after a few years we’ve trained most of them like dogs, so you won’t be seeing any soon, unless you get on their “Bad” side.
  2. I enjoyed it to.


As you might have guessed, I went for a much more comical approach to magic, which usually seems to have such a darn serious vibe to it in games and stories. Not that suggesting magic in Stonehearth originated from the Titans isn’t ominous…

Anyway, I tried to keep as true to the game as we know it so far. Pumpkins, logging, the Titans… fairly basic stuff, but it still makes a nice platform to work off of.

I did have fun with the nod to the Tomshot, though. I’d want pumpkin bombs.


I loved that bit. Revenge for me, one of the things Tony liked and Tom shot down was mine. Grrrrrrrrrrr


You mean you didn’t like my Pillow titan? Wasn’t scary enough?


Actually, I meant my own entry when I said that–just a bit of sarcasm on my part.

Trust me, the Pillow Titan’s going to be a thing to FEAR.


Well, Pillow monsters, Demonic or otherwise, love to pose as stuffed animals or pillows, no matter the color ,and shape with only a few limitations, mostly size, due to a pillows natural ability to grow and shrink, but not to the point of becoming a titan, these horrifying monsters came right out of evil it’s self. It’s assumed pillow titans formed Via the 2nd method, where so much evil and power was in one creature, they just grew and basically lost their minds.

So yah, something to FEAR.

But of course, Pillow titans are FAR less deadly than most titans, as they are fluffy and soft, so they can’t eat or maul you, you get get light bruises, unless it throws you, as they are known for.

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