Workshops need to display relevant supplies

Been playing for a few hours on the alpha 9 build.

So far I am really loving this game. The style, structure, everything.

One thing I would like to see is when I click on a workshop, somewhere in that panel it lists the supplies you currently have. I know (and often do) click on the flag and then check inventory prior to build orders – but its get cumbersome.

It would be fantastic if it could display (even just in a text format) what supplies were relevant. Each workshop displaying its own supply list, if you will.

What would also be cool – is when you mouse (or click) over an item to be made (lets assume in the workers outfit from the weaver) it also highlights the supplies needed. Indicating Green if you have, Red if you dont. It gives the user a quick glance at what he has and what he needs to harvest/craft to get the specific item.

I hope that makes sense … been up way too long with cranky/sick kids.

Love this game so far! Thank you …


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