Workshops added to HUD

Instead of having to go to the heartlings or to the workshop I think it would be an amazing idea to have the workshop added to the HUD. You’d click on the workshop icon and then have the choices between all of the different workshops.

This would also be an option to have I.E. 2 weavers work on the same queue, instead of having to put tasks in both weaver workbenches.


I think you’re gonna like Alpha 12 (or later) when it’s released. :wink:


Damn, that’s exactly what I meant.

Thank you for sending the link!

also to add to what @Drotten said , a “workshops” button was added awhile back (alpha 7 i believe), but it was removed due to the fact it never actually did anything.

I’ve been here since alpha 2, but from time to time I just stop playing for an alpha or two.

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