Working as intended?

So I tried out Re-embarking, and I figured that I would go with the Knight, and the healer. That way I could give myself a little breathing room before I had to develop a military. However, the first group of enemies to attack my new settlement was kobolds and ogres. Not alot of point for me to re-embark if I am going to immediately have to fight higher level mobs. So I assume this is working as intended?

Did you re-embark with a gong that attracts said kobolds and ogres?

Or expensive as balls items?

Well to be honest, I screwed up the re-embarkment and took several items I couldn’t use. I took some turrets, forgetting that i needed an engineer to be able to place them, and I took a geomancer without the hearth flowers. Other than that, the paladin had a full set of nice armor and a good weapon, and I took some useful tools and some upgraded workers outfits, thats about it.

Enemies gets harder with stronger combat units and equips. As you re-embarked with fully equipped high level classes, it boosted the enemies.

Huh, I always assumed that enemy difficulty ramped up over time regardless of your actual ability to fend them off. Well I guess re-embarking is good for jumpstarting the other professions via tools.

I believe Yang once showed us a graph (pre-embarkation obviously) that showed the difficulty curve and how it ramped up both over time and over village strength.

I can confirm what @Communistpenguin has experienced. If you look at your town info screen with the knight and cleric fully armed you will see your military score is pretty high. Demote them to workers, the score will go down and the enemies will be easier. You only need to promote them again every time you are attacked and you will have their full force back. Remember to demote them after the fight.

Have fun, Kyth.

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