Workers Take windows from one building to put on another. R129, R162

Workers Take Windows From One Building To Put On Another

After Completing one building with windows I started another… at some point. The workers went over and built a ladder up to a current window in the first building. When the 2nd building was complete, they came and stole the window from the first building to be used on the second. I did have enough extra windows to spare at the time, so it wasn’t for lack of windows.

Steps to reproduce:
Build one building with windows.
Start a Second Building
Craft windows after second building started?

Expected Results:
They would use the newly crafted windows instead of ones already placed.

Actual Results:
Dirty Thieves! Stole the window!



Versions and Mods:
R129 No Mods

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I think they’re taking “keeping up with the Joneses” just a little too far y’know :smiley:

I had like 40 windows made already, so having no windows at the moment of starting the second building isn’t the issue, seems it’s based on proximity? I’ve only seen this once with two buildings placed very close to each other

Yup I saw this happen too… I built a small house next to another small house and the little creep workers stole my window from the already built house instead of going over to the stockpile and getting a new one!!

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Happened again in R162. This time I built two buildings on top of each other, they stole the lower buildings window and put it in the top one.

Workers will not replace the window they stole, even after reload or restart.

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This happens with chairs as well:

These ‘Move Item’ arrows appeared after I placed a new prefab building I designed

EDIT: Some more info, if it helps
I liked the house in the background and decided to make a better version of it. The house in the foreground was saved and made a template:

comfortable cottage.txt (85.7 KB) (Rename it *.json, put in saved_items folder. Pretty kickass cottage :wink: )

When I stamped out a new one, it took the chairs from the original. When I was planning, they appeared in the placeable items menu as free chairs… maybe the game isn’t registering windows/chairs as being used?


This is currently happening to me as well;

But it happened with windows already crafted before starting construction.

It is after reloading a game before which I had had a crash, but the previous building had been constructed.

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