Rebuilding Scaffolding. R129

Workers Rebuild Scaffolding on a completed building through multiple saves.

Finished one building, finished a second. Then randomly (not right after) the villagers decided to rebuild the front scaffolding on the first building. I went back 3 or four saves, and the same thing, right as the game loads they start the scaffolding procedure. Quitting and restarting didn’t work either. It was on a building that they originally stole a window from to put on a second building.

Steps to reproduce:
No idea why this happened

Expected Results:
They would leave the building alone.

Actual Results:
They… rebuilt the scaffolding and trapped a bunch of villagers inside. Casque of Amontillado anyone?

May be associated with This bug:

Original Bug

3 Saves back

Versions and Mods:
R129 No Mods

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