[Dup] Hearthlings Stealing Windows/Doors

I Have Hearthlings stealing already-set doors and windows in order to place them in ones that still need them.

Steps to Reproduce:

Begin building building without enough doors/windows. Allow Hearthlings to get the roof started and then build the required trim.

Expected Result:
Hearthlings use stockpiled windows and doors to set up the building.

Actual Result:
Hearthlings cannibalize doors and windows already in the structure.

This seems to most easily be reproduced when hearthlings have already started the roof before they’ve been given the missing doors and windows.

P.S. I swear I’d started something like this ages ago but cannot find it.

I moved 3 posts to an existing topic: R196 Bugs - Shelter Happiness stuck at 5, and cannibalizing building parts