Hearthlings not building doors and windows


I have asked my little hearthlings to build a rather simple house, 4 walls, a roof, a door and 2 windows. They built the whole thing but for some reason they don’t want to add the door nor the windows. I have them in storage, they show in half-transparency when I click the building, but they just don’t want to.

Edit : I saved, quit the game, restarted, and they instantly got to work on the windows and doors.

Steps to reproduce:

Haven’t identified a pattern to reproduce the bug with 100% fiability.

Expected Results:

I want doors and windows :smiley:

Actual Results:

No doors or windows are being added to my building.



Version Number and Mods in use:

A16, no mods.

System Information:

Win 10 64b.

Are the windows and doors in box storage or in a designated storage zone? If they are in boxes, try transfering them to a zone.

They weren’t, I’d tried that already.