R196 [con] - Stealing placed building parts

Bug #1) Cannot raise Shelter Happiness.

On day 20, despite having eight buildings, six of which have Comfy Beds inside, my happiness never raised above 5.0. When a hearthling was dumb enough to sleep outside, it would drop to 4.9, then raise back to 5.0 later. This meant that I also got no new hearthlings, at all, because my happiness was too low.

Bug #2) Taking building parts from other buildings.

Hearthlings will sometimes take parts from existing, finished buildings rather than going to to the stockpiles. I observed this with Mean Beds and the fancy diamond windows. If you build a building that uses certain pieces, and another of your buildings arleady has those pieces, they’ll grab it from the building instead of the stockpile, even if the pieces are in stockpile (i guess the other building was closer?) This leaves buildings without windows and no way to fix it since they are already complete.

I believe this is a known issue, as @Tom discussed this during last nights live stream… someone correct me if I misheard…

this however, is new to me… and sounds hilarious! :smile:

My reaction was the funny part. “No what are you doing, fool Hearthlings! Stoooooooop!” :scream:

Maybe related: I’ve noticed the carpenter taking Mean Beds from houses when making Comfy Beds. This isn’t a problem since I was going to replace the Mean Bed anyways.

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Yes, this is something that currently happens in the game. The Carpenter will take already deployed Mean Beds and use them to upgrade to Comfy Beds. Unfortunately, they aren’t intelligent enough yet to replace the items once upgraded–maybe that’s something we can see with the next construction-oriented Alpha.

As for the windows…I’ve got nothing. Looks like your settlers might just be incredibly lazy and sneaky. Are you sure the windows were put in, THEN removed? Or did the windows actually never get placed? There were some issues with that in the past.


He did discuss it, he hasn’t found a way to increase, basically we can say it isn’t implemented yet.

They definitely stole them from finished buildings. I’ve had a lot of windows fail to get placed in previous builds, so I was happy to note them all going into place in this village. Then, I watched them put a ladder up against a building that had been finished for days, go up, take the window out, take the ladder down, go to the other building and place the window.


I’ve definitely encountered the window theft before. Same situation as above, a ladder was built up to an already installed window on a finished building, which was then taken to build another building.

The original building permanently registered the now missing window as still being present, making a replacement impossible. Reverting to an older save was the only solution.

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I Have Hearthlings stealing already-set doors and windows in order to place them in ones that still need them.

Steps to Reproduce:

Begin building building without enough doors/windows. Allow Hearthlings to get the roof started and then build the required trim.

Expected Result:
Hearthlings use stockpiled windows and doors to set up the building.

Actual Result:
Hearthlings cannibalize doors and windows already in the structure.

This seems to most easily be reproduced when hearthlings have already started the roof before they’ve been given the missing doors and windows.

P.S. I swear I’d started something like this ages ago but cannot find it.

I STILL can not get doors or windows built into existing walls that I’ve built (not house walls). It ‘ghosts’ in when you place it, but no one even starts building on them now (and I do have them in stock). Before in built 205 they would at least start building them in (but never finish).

Yes, I’m sure this has been reported before. I can’t seem to find it though, I think it had its own report, but maybe it got lost in a bug list or something :disappointed_relieved:

I…shall…find it!

Edit: no report will escape from me :grinning:
scary… This happens when I’m lacking sleep :expressionless:

Second edit: which release were you playing, @GordonFawks ?

@RelyssI am playing the most recent build an the bug is -fairly- reproduceable. Mitigation steps appear to be fairly consistently working as well.

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So I’ve come across this strange little bug. I’m building a new building and in the process a Move icon appears above an existing door and a worker comes along, dismantles it and moves it to the new house. This is despite the fact that I have spare wooden doors sitting in a stockpile ready to be used.

When I go to add a new door to the old when it either won’t let me place the template or it will but it’ll be sunk one square down and my workers will not place the door.

Bug I’ve had is windows or doors being “stolen” from a finished building and used (I assume) on another building. Like the bug you have seen there are ghost placements of the now-missing items but I can’t place replacements.

i mean, why use a new window when you have a nice used one right over here. sure it takes a bit of prying to get it out, but look at all that wood and labor saved.

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This is rather amusing, because the hearthling deliberately builds a ladder to the window, takes it, removes the ladder, walks two steps over, builds ladder, places, unbuilds, and walks away. They aren’t the brightest bulbs.

As far as actual useful stuff, I have only had it happen on uncompleted buildings, but I have not tested specific methods to reproduce it. This happens on the latest build as well, so bumping the bug report. Kinda.

I’m still having this happen in Alpha 10. Specifically, building the default dining hall, if I only have, say, 6 chairs in my stockpile when the building starts, they will place those six, then move some of those chairs to place where the other chairs go. I would think that, rather than taking placed items, it should just stay as a ghost icon until the item is built by the carpenter.

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