Workers switches task very often

It looks like the worker switches task to fast.
For eg mining one side larger side is sometimes like pingpong -> the worker starts in corner a mines one line (4x1 block of voxel) and then switches to side B of the mining area mines one line and switches back to corner A. (showed in the attached screenshot)

Other part is i build a house tooks ages (3 and more days) for my worker to finish it. They doing something minor and switch to other task (like picking up far away resources), coming back later again and doing again only one little thing.
There was also no automaticaly placement for the furniture.

After loading the savegame again to take screenshots, everything works fine! Now i can’t reproduce anything.
I startet the application and a new game till the issues happens (startets at day 2-3). I really “feel it” with the building house. It is maybe combinend with a loot of mining and less places for putting the stones/ores.

Steps to reproduce:
this is once happen to me

  1. start a new game in desert setting with the rayys children
  2. start mining a lot with less stockpile / urns
  3. start building a house (clay dining room from the ingame templatets) -> see the slow building progress
    a) everything slows down and takes longer
    b) even mining has a kind of “stupid pathfinding” (see above)

Expected Results:
game should not slow down or hangup pathfinding

Actual Results:
game slows down after some days playing (3-5).

Loading the save game makes everything fine again! No more trouble (for eg. workes starts immediately placing chairs and tables, they didn’t do this before)

I also has no vendors coming to my town (after loding the savegame again, i have the first one).

Attachments: (6.9 MB)


Version Number and Mods in use:
0.14.0 (504) x64 build
no mods in use

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Perhaps your workers have very low mental stats and this is the effect.