Workers not doing anything

Well I cannot give you alot of information about this but Il try my best:

All workers have stopped working (carpenters and farmers inc.) They are not frozen, they are doing the idling animations

Pick up items for the floor/build the walls


Steps To Reproduce:
Make the collisions work rate go about 90% (i think this is the problem)


Wow, awesome structure! :wink: From the yellow bar in the lower right corner, you can see that they’re all consumed with pathfinding. There is something they’re all trying to get to, but can’t, for some reason. This is definitely a bug, but finding out what is causing the pathfinding problem would be really helpful, if you know what it could possibly be.

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@sdee, would an attached save help track it down?

@sdee My first thought it was the gate however I remembered they have been using it fine for the last hour, so then I noticed in the last 10 minutes every wall had been made at least 2 blocks high if this makes any difference. They will take orders and complete them to harvest tress etc. They will just not do anything else, also notice how there is one worker outside the building and he is not doing anything either - unless he is trying to get into the building.

@SteveAdamo Well its here if its needed for you to look at.

I have a suggestion to why it does this, its happened 2 times now; both following the same thing. Using the harvest tool to harvest crops instead of the farmers harvesting them automatically (this is when crops are not fully grown).

There is also a massive error: 23 lines or something that appeared.

Most workers like to do nothing, this one went for the more lethal approach of beheading her self and then complaining she couldn’t eat any food,


I had the same bug. It happened when I placed a lot of structures and objects.