Workers *Literally* Froze (Not Idle)

Some days it’s very salient that we’re working with an alpha game! Either way, pleasure to serve.

Either way, as some might have noted in the continuum of my last few posts, I had to start a new settlement, as my save file got corrupted. I started a new location, and begun by assigning about 10ish trees and 12 bushes to be cleared by my workers. They start their work, and pretty quickly all go hungry (we’re talking a few seconds in after a few of the bushes were gathered). Then this error message pops up, and the two here (right next to the error message) in the same position just freeze in location. No, they’re not idle, literally froze. They would not move, and I quit out of frustration:

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thanks @Delvon … i’m sure you’ve listed this before, but would you mind using the template, at least in regards to capturing your system specs?



Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

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System Information:

Title: Workers Literally Froze
Summary: After starting a new game, I assigned 10 trees and 12 bushes to be gathered to start off everything. A few seconds later, every worker got hungry simultaneously. The workers who were gathering berries, then froze after the error message above popped up. The workers would not unfreeze at all.
Steps to reproduce: 1) Start a new game 2) Assign early gathering efforts 3) Have two workers pick up berries at the same time they go hungry. 4) Blame onions for tears.
Expected Results: Get things started.
Actual Results: Very tough beginning
Notes: This all happened after a save file was corrupted in a previous game, prompting the start of this effort.
Versions and Mods: Alpha 3
System Information: Windows 7 SP1; 3GB RAM; Nvidia Geforce 8400GS; CPU is a dual-core Intel something. [Impressive, I know]

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