Workers/Crafters just completely stop or get stuck

Title: Workers/Crafters just completely stop or get stuck

Summary: Mainly some workers who are either placing a lantern or trying to do some of their jobs, completely freeze. They just stop and not move or be frozen in place. The rest of the workers/crafters would keep doing what they are doing. I tried just not saving and load the previous save, but they still get stuck anyway.

System Information:

Hey there @Jkuki, welcome to the discourse!

There have been similar issues reported before, so let me get some more information from you:

What version of the game are you playing?

After to you reload a previous save, does the same crafter/worker get stuck, or does it vary?

If you save the game after the crafter/worker gets stuck, do they remain stuck if you reload the new save?

a workaround:

  • click on the Hearthling that is stuck,
  • press ctrl + c to open the console,
  • type reset,
  • press ctrl + c again to close the console

this is if your workers are getting stuck on ladders and stuff while placing objects, or getting stuck on workbenches


you’ll also have to hit enter after typing the command in order for it to be executed :wink:

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a very important step! :laughing:

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Hey guys, I used that command, but after I had reset the hearthling, they won’t do anything else. They kind of just walk back and forth.

Nvm, it took a couple mins but the hearthling is finally moving around acting normal. Thank you so much for the help!

I normally pause the game before resetting then scroll up and down on your list of Hearthlings. I wait till thire status changed form ‘idle’ before continuing

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Help… Mine won’ move at all even after an hour, i let them be and they started to starving and low health. What to do TT