Workers build several buildings with one wooden block

Hi guys
First of all congratulations to the latest Alpha 3 release. It is a stable one and you added nice new features.
Here what I found:

**Title: **
Workers wander around building several structures with one wooden block

**Summary: **

The workers pick a wodden block and wander from one “small room” to the next and build on each one (or more) block of the wall and walk to the other room to build.

**Steps to reproduce: **

  1. Gather some wood

  2. Build several structures (in my case multiple “small rooms”)

  3. Mark a worker and follow him

**Expected Results: **
I expected the worker to spend the entire wood-block on one building before walking to get a new wooden block

**Actual Results: **
The worker graps one wooden block and wanders between the structures to just spend some of the block before moving to the next structure

**Notes: **

Here my little photostory:

**Versions and Mods: **

Alpha3 “official” Steam release

Mods --> none

**System Information: **

Intel i7-3770


AMD HD-7950


hi @Xium… thanks for the report! :smiley:

i’m pretty sure we have a related report floating around here (resources being reused), but im stuck on a less than adequate device to help in the sleuthing… perhaps some industrious folks can track it down…