Workers are not working

My workers are not doing anything but sitting by the fire and eating… there are endless items on the ground that need to be hauled to storage(and adequate storage) but to no avail. Even setting an area to be mined has not made them do anything. Although strangely one worker went to mine the selection though.
Steps to reproduce:

1: Generate items which need to be hauled
2: assume workers will do their thing

Expected Results:
The workers transfer items to storage

Actual Results:
the workers sit by the fire for the whole day
It seems to be maybe strictly hauling, but more testing must be done
Wouldnt let me upload my savegame said it was too big after i compressed it.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest stable version, ACE in use
System Information:
CPU: Intel I7 4790k @4.0 GhZ
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980ti Superclocked
RAM: 16gb ddr3
PSU: EVGA 800W 80+ gold
Game installed on an HDD, although i do have an SSD as well

place an item gathering field( forgot the name) and see what happens

are you certain there is enough storage space not number of empty chests, bencause you can choose if you want the chests to be set to none when placed

Have you tried restarting the game and see if they are going to work then?

Sometimes, if you play a while, they aren’t working properly anymore.

Yeah, they were idle from startup. when i placed a new mining order, one of them went to perform it, but the main issue is that they arent picking up any items. Not from farms or pastures or trapper fields or any mined ore. I might try to place a new stockpile to see if the storage got bugged or something.

EDIT: placing a new stockpile did not seem to change anything. Also promoting a worker then unpromoting does not fix.