Worker(s) Building Infinite Ladder

Title: Worker Building Infinite Ladder

A bunch of Workers just finished the preset Cottage for Two building, when they all finished, i realize there was a ladder left behind, stuck in the roofing. My best idea i thought of was to build a ladder facing the opposite direction of the current glitched ladder. The worker started obviously started to grab wood to build the ladder, but when he/she started only the building animation was displayed as they kept trying to build or destroy the ladder, leaving them stuck and using all my supply of wood. {They leave for sleep and food but all else they are stuck doing one job.}

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a Cottage for Two
  2. Wait for Worker to cover up a ladder that someone is building.
  3. Ladder gets stuck in Roof inside block.
  4. Place another ladder facing opposite direction of current glitched ladder.
  5. Wait for Worker to get stuck.

Expected Results:
Remove the glitch ladder from the finished house and move to the rest of the Village.

Actual Results:
Worker Building a Ladder Forever for days.

Workers seem to switch between the Infinite Ladder Job.


Versions and Mods:
Alpha 12, Develop-2620 (x64)


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