Workbenches placements are inconsistent, sug: make them consistent

The image below says it all.
both the carpenters workbench and tool bench are 2 wide. but the workbench is centered on 1 block and sticks out half a block on each side. while the tool bench is placed on 2x3 and centers on the midlle of the two blocks in the middle. I suggest that they either center both on one block or that both. or they are fit into blocks like the toolbench.


I would prefer that they were both centered in the cross, because then you can have the workbench right against a wall.

Yeah me too, best is to have the object on as few as posible voxels, the workbench is now on 9 voxels while is easily fits on 4


I agree that centered are the better solution.

Thanks for posting this, I had thought about writing it up but I couldn’t figure out how to phrase the problem. For a design game this is a surprisingly annoying issue.

There are similar issues with other pieces as well.


This has been bothering me for some time now! I want my workbenches to at least line up with each other, otherwise the entire room just looks uneven. Drives me and my need to have a perfectly symmetric everything bonkers.

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