[r180] New Mason items not centered to grid

The gif compression makes this kind of hard to see. I’m just placing items and then rotating them. You can see they are a bit off center. I did this with some items that are centered for comparison.


My likes are all used up, but I see the problem. I hope it’s just an easy to fix offset issue. If it’s because the models aren’t even, remodeling would be necessary.

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Hello guys,

I did not find anything for this in the forum.
Just saw that the Stone Garden Lantern is off center of its X/Y coordinates by just 1 Voxel:



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Possibly the same as this?


yes you’re right, its the same. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Could somebody merge those, or close my topic as the one from jonzoid shows it much better and also that most if not all models do have this “issue”.


This still has not been fixed [r2477/dev-early-alpha-11]