Without remove you can no longer remove misplaced walls in the building designer

When undo fails, the only way to remove misplaced walls in the building editor was to pick ‘Finished Editing’ and hit Remove.
Without the Remove button, the only way to remove misplaced walls in the building designer is to restart the game.


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The remove functionality was so buggy that we removed the button until we can fix it.


I understand, in just saying that there is currently no way to erase walls

Not precisely in the building editor itself, no. There is not a way.

You can use the console command destroy I think for those instances… Although I don’t know how much of it would function.

Unless they took out the console command too.

Which is:
select thing you want to destroy.
“CTRL + C” to open console.
type "destroy"
hit enter key, and should delete the selected thing; whether it has been built or not.

At least in my experience of the usage. This is assuming the console command still works. :slight_smile:


Or the “undo” button if you’re still designing…

Undo will often be buggy, especially when building larger buildings - sometimes it’ll skip over steps in the process when going backwards, sometimes it will terminate after 0-3 actions and just stop responding… it’s frustrating in general. The walls, on the other hand, can’t be specifically destroyed through the console (at least in my experience).

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I am adding the remove button for unstarted buildings. Look for it in the next unstable release (NOT 3000, but after XD)


The in-ability to remove misplaced walls while in designer mode is becoming a serious issue when your designing something either large or intricate in detail. Is this issue going to resolved at some point; starting the game over really sucks.

The building editor is being reviewed by @Sweet, so hopefully this will be addressed whenever we work on improving the designer again.


I’ve found this thread in June 2017, 6 months after the last reply in this thread, as the very basic problem still hasn’t been fixed in Alpha 21 or 22.

Why is this the case?

I’ve just spent 30+ minutes before realising that one part of an over hanging floor was incorrect, and the only solution is, apparently, to destroy it and start over.

I realise that this is a WIP/Alpha but when basic bugs are reported to you, for fundamental parts of the game, why are you not doing more to fix them?

Oh, and I tired undoing to get back to when I got to that part and all it did was add extra copies of items?

Played this game a year ago and remember i enjoyed it.

Now after a long break i wanted to play it again so i installed it, and the first thing i was going to do was to build a house… 30 minutes later when the house was finished except for the roof i started to put the roof down. Wasn’t happy with the way it looked as i had too much slope, but when i hit undo the roof was gone but not the wall the roof created… now i had a sloped wall at the top of the house and no way to remove it… after trying everything i gave up and force quit the game…

Though i was going to give it another go 20 minutes later and started on a new house, when i got to the second floor and misplaced a wall and hit undo, it wasn’t removed… i was unable to remove the damn wall and there’s no way i’m going to start on a third house that most likely too will fail.

Really sorry to see you ruined otherwise a good game by not prioritizing this issue, even letting the bugged wall stay in the game would be better than this. You devs really should put this at the top of your priority list…

No other choice than to uninstall the game and leave a negative review on steam, will never recommend this game to anyone unless the damn wall-undo is fixed as it is a huge game breaking issue…

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Looks like the Auto-save empties the undo-queue… you should at the very least make it possible to turn auto-save off…

The undo history is emptied after loading a savefile, I think. You can turn off auto-save in the save/load menu, there’s a checkbox in the lower left corner.

We are currently reworking the whole building editor because it has so many bugs and usability issues.
It will take some alphas to finish all its tools but it should help fixing all these problems.

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Would be nice to be able to make buildings with voided walls for crafting areas