Console "destroy" on wall/pillars leaves un-buildable area causing errors

If I build a wall and use destroy in the console to remove it I can no longer build anything in the area the wall took up. This also causes errors and I’ll post as soon as I get them all organised. As the destroy command is the only means to destroy walls, it would be nice if that didn’t happen in the next update. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind bug hunting a bit but I didn’t know I’d be playing a puzzle game to unlock the original concept over a period of time, LOL!

Edit, it does seem to go away when you save and reload.

What goes away? :confused: I’m confused.

By the way, the console is not meant to be part of the game, it’s just for debugging and testing help since we’re still in Alpha. That’s why they included a destroy command in the UI.

The building editor is still in flux, they have to allow us to modify and destroy buildings easily after or during building, and some more features like the stairs tool that they have in mind.
So, a feature to remove walls is planned, don’t worry :smile:
I’m sure that they’ll allow to build there after removing a building.

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The place where the removed wall was, where you couldn’t build upon after removing the wall, can be built upon after saving and loading that game. I know what the console is for but if the next update doesn’t include a game feature to remove walls then I thought it would be best for this to not happen when I thought it was permanent. It’s not so bad to save and reload versus starting a new game.

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