Will There Be Any Other Types Of Classes?

Hi there. I was just wondering that will there be any other class types for the setlers.

@bob12345 So far only this classes have been shared in a tech tree. However, as mentioned in e.g. at the virtual pizza party, there will be many more which are not shown on this overview. Radiant does not want to show them yet, as everything is in change and they do not want to raise expectations which will be not met at the end of the day (e.g. one of the classes will be cut out again).

it would be nice if there were some classes. it could be implemented as different professions, like wood-cutter smith pot maker, stuff like that. thou this would force you to control every settler you have into becoming what you now want them to be, sound like fun.

I reeeeeaaaaaaallllllly hope they put lumberjacks in with the stripey red jumper so I can line em up and make them do a monty python sketch ( you know which I mean) :smiley:

To reiterate, we’ve only seen a small portion of the class tree so far; there will be plenty of classes in the final build.


im assuming there’s a missing comma in there somewhere? :smiley:

and that last profession is going to make for some lazy units… :stuck_out_tongue:

nha not really it is a mega settler that can do anything. And thought the last one was for the Jamaican nation that will be added sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue: