Will there be an official lore?

I’m just wondering if there will be an official story line or something like that (possibly a campaign) added into Stonehearth? Are there are plans at all? I know that the “Rabbit clan” is there, but that isn’t much. Of course, I don’t think this game needs any lore (it’s great anyway), just wondering if there will be.

Good question. If there’s one, I assume it’ll be created by the player. Or at least most of it will be imagined by the players.

Hey there @_Bell, welcome to the Discourse! There is very much an official lore, and @sdee is responsible for it at the moment. Last I heard the plan was to reveal more and more of the lore as development continues, but she should be able to provide more details about this.


The Ascendancy
Earnest and hardworking, loyal and well-rounded. Citizens of the Ascendancy chop, build and farm, confident that they know the world is their to inhabit.(here stops radiant lore and fan lore begin) But little did they know that a great terror was about to roam the realm. It has been stirring in the deep of Liqirus for nearly a 1000 years, and it has been awakened. The terror has been on its crusade, slaughtering everything in it’s path. Making nothing but fear and spreading disease across the Regal Fields north of Eatirhia, calling this new land the Lifeless Expanse.
The people of the regal fields fled to the south past realms of peace, warning of the terror that has awoken. These people were known as “The ascendancy” and settled wherever they could

(made this in like 5 minuttes)(fan lore 4realz)

Ooh, sounds interesting. I’ll be sure to keep updated. :slightly_smiling:

That’s actually really good. If something like this was official I think it would benefit the game a lot.

thanks! well if the dev won’t mind I’ll continue working on it :wink:

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