The story behind Stonehearth

So I was waiting for my game to load and the idea struck to me, what if there is a story behind all this?
I decided to look for clues in the game and created a theory which is that the Hearthlings are refugees from war
They started with very little things which suggest that they fled in a panic
In the journal they mention about external threats but there is only one external threat
They complain about not having any food when not providing or sleeping on the ground which tell us the war has just started recently
They do not feel homesick which suggest they constantly sailing to other places and explains why they know what to do

I’m guessing there is no story behind Stonehearth but I want to see what other people theories are if there was a story behind Stonehearth


I am almost sure that @sdee once confirmed that there is in fact story behind SH, and that Team Radiant will spoil some of it later on :slight_smile:


@Argen is correct… there is indeed a background to this world, and @sdee is creating/weaving the lore we will eventually be exposed to… :+1:


Aww can’t we solve the story behind stonehearth instead of revealing it to us
(I’ll give you an Oreo cookie if you do and maybe a pet donkey :smiley:)

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