Time for me to try writing again!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new story series I will be writing that takes as much inspiration from Stonehearth as I possibly can (as well as a few mods). I will also take a little inspiration from some history I learned in class the last few weeks! But before I begin, I will answer the question only about 2 of you are asking:

“What happened to the other series?”

Two words: writer’s block.

So then, without further ado, a new page turns unto the chapter of stonehearth writing fan fiction…

Classes and Factions: An Epic.

Prelude: Cutting and Weaving.

The cutting
In the beginning, there was only one nation of hearthlings. This nation stood united, and was able to hold domain over what little known lands existed then (and now). But, no matter how strong the rope, there is always a blade that can cut it. Now that the humans no longer struggled with survival, they began to ask questions like “Why are we here?” and “Who brought us into existence?” Religious fervor struck the nation, prophets and mages rose and fell, until eventually there were three groups: Those who thought that their god had created them to take the Prophet Cid and his blessings as a role model unto the world. Those who believed that their one god was a parent unto themselves. And lastly, a wide variety of sub-groups who believed very similar but not identical things and were willing to unite as one. Just as the leaders of each group were going to debate their beliefs and possibly fight over them, the others came. Goblins, Orcs, Dwarves, and the many other beings decided they had enough. The humans outnumbered and overpowered them greatly, so they united in order to tear the hearthlings apart. As they all united at the capital walls, the people began to flee, grabbing at what little possessions they could and running for the hills. Off in their own directions they went, separated by both religion and fear. Many did not survive. But those that did were not to reunite again for many years. One by one, the Dwarves returned to the mountains, the towns of the human empire diminished, and the rest went their separate ways…

The weaving
The time has come, however, for the many factions and races to meet each other once again, whether with the blade or the dove. Now that a many new lands full of resources that have yet to be touched have been discovered (or, perhaps rediscovered). All the races will be marching out to this new land to claim it for their own.

“I have never heard such a story as that one grandfather! That would’ve baffled me more as a child!”

“And here’s the best part. It’s all true.”

“Well… if it is indeed true, then is that why mother doesn’t want me to go with the pioneers?”

“Indeed it is. But it’s also why I want you to go.”

“What… but… why!?”

“I am afraid the reason I want you to go is because I will not be able to. Indeed, I was the one who discovered the ruins of Ravenloft, but I could never have dreamed of such an opportunity. When you do go… just… make sure to write to me.”

“Very well then. All the more reasons I can use to win mom over-”

“NO! Do not tell your mother. Do not even tell her I told you that story. Sigh. She would not approve of this…”

“I guess I’ll be off to bed then.”

End of prelude.


I will get to your story…I will get to your story…I will get to your story…

Just drumming it into my head so I don’t forget. I have been sitting for too long today, I just don’t have the patience to write up a reply to your story atm(I have read it though)

Keep up the good writing.


That means a whole bunch to me.
Thanks for being willing to give me feedback as well!

First of all, I’m glad your writing a lore based story. I really enjoy them, and I think they help flesh out the community.

I spent a little while trying to find the teacher of the northern alliance but I am running out of time, can someone else post them here (paging @coasterspaul @sir_ghost)

Cid Rayya and one other

On your entire piece, you should put the first few paragraphs in quotes (since grandfather is saying them) and the quotes in the first few paragraphs in ‘example’

numbers under 100 should be written out, like so. “one”

As a general rule, the lore community substitutes humans with hearthlings. But obviously you have creative liberty here.

Typ-o (get it?)

Consider revising this sentence, I’m still not exactly sure what it is saying.

I’m out of time, I’ll try and do a little more later.

Nice work :smiley: