Wilderkitty's "Beta is Beta" Imporium

As is expected of a beta (or alpha) there are many bugs to crush, and wrinkles to be ironed out. This is where I will showcase those that I find. :smiley:

The already well known ‘eating at table’ bug has already been shown in many topics, i’m posting mine here to confirm that it is a widespread phenomenon.

Most peculiar in this version(2014-01-10), is the instance of the directional movement and camera control causing a hiccup where all of a sudden I’m watching the edge of the generated world from the distance of ***[space][1]***.
At first I thought all I could see was space, but after turning around and trying to look up and down, I could vaguely see a grey line across the screen that when I came closer, I realized was the edge of the world.

[1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myEOJaNMQZo

But as you can see, several painstaking minutes later, my hard attempt to rejoin the surface was not successful. If we had the ability to toggle between my civilians, I might have been able to snap back to ‘earth’.
Or at least I hope so.

More peculiar bugs include the sudden suspension of actions where no civilians do anything other than simply stand there as the pathfinder stands still at an activity of 0.00%
I am no expert, but i suspect this may have something to do with the AI, and possibly the lack of the ‘game master’ to drive the AI onwards.

It’s an early alpha actually :stuck_out_tongue:

It is, which is why I put Alpha in brackets. I should perhaps have written “or alpha in this case”, but it didn’t sound as good.
The expression is also beta is beta, not alpha is alpha, and i’m just planning a little ahead :wink:

hey there @Wilderkitty! i’ve changed the category to reflect the more opened nature of this thread…

as bug reports are more effective when captured individually, and via the requested format, this running list of issues you experience wouldnt need that “formality”… :wink:

You may very well be right @SteveAdamo
I believe i have come up with a new purpose for this thread, as a museum of sorts for the bugs the game has gone through during the live alpha and beta development.

While i will update this thread with what i come across, i welcome anyone who want to contribution to the list.

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