My initial thoughts, and some suggestions

So 10 minutes in, I’m really liking this so far. Well done for an alpha. Now here are some starter thoughts on what I think should be implemented for ease of play, or just something to help the game along misc or whatnot.

Camera control should be changed a bit. I love when AWSD is used to move the camera. Now while I also like mouse buttons and mouse control, it becomes a bit wonky. Also, I don’t know what it is called but when you left click to move the camera, the mouse moves across the screen. In many games that use this type of camera, the mouse disappears, but stays at its current location. I am really hoping this gets looked into as I HATE games that don’t utilize this simple yet important function.

Second as of right now, 15-20 min into playing I have no idea how to gather food. I know there is an icon that shows Gather Berries, but I click and nothing… then consequently my little ones starve. I’m not sure if this is a bug or am I doing something wrong but just thought I’d put this down. Kind of gamebreaking for me at the moment. I’ll add more as I think. Well, after crashing and being forced to start another new game, I managed to pick berries this time around. I THINK the problem was, the berries I tried to gather, were too far? I don’t know haven’t confirmed this yet, also there is no icon that shows you selected Gather Berries, like chopping tree’s.

ALSO, before I forget, placing a small house down, I see no way of being able to turn the house so you can only place them one way… I’m hoping this is changed and we are allowed to spin buildings before placement, otherwise this should be implemented.

Found something rather spooky. Sometimes when my little ones sit down, their head… dislocates from their shoulders. Same when they get up their body moves but their heads remain where they were sitting… very spooky indeed.

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