Hating Alpha 11 So Far: Game Breaking Bugs

So I’ve been playing the new Alpha 11 for a while now and keep running into bugs that are ultimately “game breaking” for me.

  • Worst so far is the pick up and drop repetition. Pick up four items put down the four items over and over and over again. There’s nothing to be done to stop it. It happens in outside of storage and instead of storage. I can distract them temporarily but they just go right back to it.

  • Fighting way out of balance. In Alpha 10, not every swing connected which was interesting and fair. And Soldiers did better. Now every swing connected and the frequency of Zombies showing up in pairs, crossing paths with individual workers and killing them before you can act is way too frequent.

  • Working to death instead of eating. For some reason they get hungry but they don’t go get food that’s plenty and available. They just slowly die.

I’m sure there’s more in there, but I get very little done as a result of these. And unfortunately they limit my opportunity to evaluate the new features yet. It’s Alpha, so this totally to be expected, and I’m sure we’ll get to Alpha 11.x soon to fix these. I know some of these were issues in the past and were fixed, so I’m hoping they’ll be quick/easy fixes to make to Alpha 11 as well.

Tony was working on this bug during his live-stream last Wednesday. He seems to have found what is causing this issue and has been working on trying to fix it. Tom also said path-finding and the AI improvements would be a major focus on Alpha 12. So hopefully they will get a few of these worked out very soon!


Good to know. After playing for a while, I really hope some of these issues (the not eating and the pick up and drop) get resolved sooner than Alpha 12. As it stands, I can’t even play it with those issues. At least on the last Alpha 10 version, while there were bugs, I knew what they were and how to work around them. These… no idea. Great game, and it’s Alpha for a reason, so I’m not too bothered that it’s not ready for prime time yet. If I were able to revert back to 10.x, I probably would. I just want to get back to playing it :smile:

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So I think i may have been able to narrow down the source. It looks like both the pick up and drop problem and not eating problem center around speeding up to 2x speed. The moment I put it on it, it starts going haywire. When I turn it off, it rights itself. Short of the fight balance issue, leaving it at 1x speed seems to be resolving the issues in the meantime.

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