Why they don't mine?

Hello there,

So, i started a new game and i told myself, why don’t i do a cavernous city.

So, now my 'lings don’t mine anymore and I don’t know why.

I started to create the room where my crates are, then I “asked” my 'lings to mine all the yellow zone, but they stopped when it was just like on the screenshot, then, nothing, no one of them continue minning, they can do anything else, except mining the zones that are left to mine.

Ho, and i placed the furnitures after they stopped.

Well, can someone explain me if i fckd up somewhere? Like if there is restrictions for big mining zones or something like that?

Thx my friends,

PS: Sorry for my pretty bad grammar.

hey there @Arimaintho welcome to the discourse :smile:

it could be the fact that the mining zone is so massive, it might be causing problems with the path finder, perhaps try breaking it up into smaller pieces and see if that fixes the problem…


I run into this problem from time to time as well. They do tend to mine in one block and stop when there’s a lot of intricacy to the job or if the job is too large. I just break up my mining jobs into smaller pieces and that tends to fix it. What I do is plan out what I’m going to build but not actually connect the areas to one another. So I’d plan the rooms but not connect them to the central hallway until they were done with each room. It seems to work.


thats what i also tend to do, i also limit myself to 20 x 20 mining areas, as i find they generally dont mine anything larger then that.


I’ve run into this a lot. The problem is basically that they can’t mine around corners. Where the mining zone passes from the entry into the room proper, there is a strip along the wall that they can’t access so won’t proceed into the room. If you plot a mining zone with a 4x4 block as the door and then add a 20x20 block attached (the room) to it and centered, they will sometimes mine the doorway out and then try to mine the entire strip along the wall that the doorway is on. Unable to finish that row they won’t proceed.

After-thought: It’s a pretty inconsistent problem. about 80% of the time they will mine it out normally, the remaining times they stall

2nd edit: I just did a couple of test runs and it seems to happen more often the larger the mining zone is.