Why programmers are awesomer than you

To be fair, it does take a least a few weeks to save up for that BMW. The house might take a few whole months!!!


Perhaps I shouldn’t have included “short while” in my post :stuck_out_tongue: Takes about 10-15 years of work experience to get to that stage as far as I noticed.
Unfortunately my brain is wired differently so I’ll need to find another method of getting a pool to drown myself in!

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Yes, that too. :slight_smile:

Though your comment did make me think of something: last week, Chris and I visited a software engineer friend at her office. In her office campus was a bakery, open every day from 11am to 4pm. All the elegant, beautiful pastries were free to the employees. The following thought burst into my brain: we live in a world where, if you work hard enough at something very specific and get kind of lucky, you might eventually be able to eat all the free sweets you want. I’m still not sure what to do with this insight. Maybe share it back in time with my 8-year-old self?


That just reminded me of the movie “The Internship” :smiley:

Well if we’re gonna be literal, then I wouldn’t mind working next to a game shop :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is true, most people who work hard eventually get to success. With some luck, that success amplifies and then you have enough money to buy a random house if you feel like it.

No, not that company–the other one…


Ah, our very own @system - all hail the giver of life!

Once again, I really have no idea how Owen didn’t win any sort of award for his portrayal of you. Absolutely perfect.

I’m pursuing the wrong dream.

weeps silently


thankfully, for those of us who never matured beyond 8, we can skip the whole time travel/paradox thing, and just be envious … as we pay for each and every evil (and yet so delicious) pastry …


I wanted to make a funny comment, so I did a quick google, hoping that the games you helped ‘create’ (in such a small way I don’t even know why you were there) were complete failures to serve as the base for this joke; unfortunately it appears they were both rather well received.

Edit: Our digital footprints are scary. It’s quite terrifying to think that everything we do online is potentially housed somewhere … [size=4] NSA, GCHQ [/size]


ooooh, you mean ahem Morrowind? or was it, perhaps … Oblivion?

resumes polishing his imaginary awards that he bestowed upon himself for doing absolutely nothing extraordinary


So, what’s baking my brain right now is that I’m reading what I wrote in Owen Wilson’s voice, and it works.

One day I shall wake up, and wonder: am I Owen Wilson dreaming I’m Chris, or am I Chris, portraying Owen Wilson in dream sequence in a Wes Andersen movie?


portraying Wes Anderson, channeling the spirit of Owen Wilson, in a movie directed by Tarantino…

So you were the leak.

Shame on you, Tim Roth will be round shortly to enact vengeance.

This thread has horribly derailed hasn’t it?

problem solved… but you’ve been warned @not_owen_wilson

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This. This is the reason I have a shrine dedicated to you in my bedroom.

Now, where’s Jennifer Aniston these days?

Edit: @SteveAdamo you missed this comment when you merged, now it’s out of place and quite frankly I’m not even sure I can look at you anymore.


apologies… blame Jobs, as I’m managing this from my “ate paint chips as a child” phone …


Jeez, you all act like you were sitting around a table in a bakery which serves free pastries, chatting a bit about life in general and mocking each other.

This is a friendly reminder that you are not able to enjoy free pastries right now.

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There is never a time where free pastries are not there to be enjoyed.

That, is your friendly reminder.


TANSTAFP. I rest my case!

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I just pulled a pie out of the oven. Who want’s pie? :wink: :wine_glass:

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