Why my only war parties unable to find food?

why my only war parties unable to find food ?

why my only war parties unable to find food ?
and I did split them in 2 group sometimes helps. but why causing it ? they have all access to warehouse only single floor with chest of supplies. all others are fine by why war parties unable find food ?

Version Number and Mods in use:
Version 1.1.0 (release 949) x64 build and no mods.

I find that a lot of the “unable to find food” messages are false …
I think they actually are not going hungry (so no problem except for the message) … not sure though.

I see, if one of my war party died of starving, you owe me a maxxed knight hearthlings lol.
so Il ltake ur word to ignore it for now.

cuz im pretty far in game, far as in battle with massive ogre army seen at least 10 of them tries raid. so yea dont want my knight died of starving

Wow … I have not gotten that far … lol.
Here’s to wishing your Awesome knights get a good meal …

yeah gat far after khan defeated.got in to geomancer got lotta rabit people in my town now lol
and now I counter raid em after the enemy spawn camp insaint raided before they grow and attack, so best attack while they’re small.easly defeat them :smiley: