Why is Stonehearth still using .luac files?

Hey guys,
I recently read a topic about why Stonehearth is still using those compiled lua files. Sadly, no answer was given.
People just showed ways to decompile them.

My question is: Why are we using those encoded files anyway? I can imagine they are faster to load or increase the performance a bit, but for me they are just a barrier for making mods.
And if I understood it correctly, you can decompile the luac files and the game then prefers the decompiled ones, so what’s the point?
I’ve made myself a tiny batch script to allow easy decompiling, but it seems so unnecessary.
I’d like to search through the Stonehearth files and get myself acquianted with the way you guys are scripting, but right now (call me lazy if you like) it seems like the develeopers don’t want me to start modding, which makes me kind of sad since it’s the main aspect im looking forward in the game.

TL;DR: Use uncompiled lua files please.

I don’t know if this answer still applies with the alpha version of the game.

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Yes, it’s still true. The API is still in flux. We plan to slowly describe little bits and pieces of how to use it as it becomes more and more final.


Anyways, why bother having it?
To stop people from exploring the unfinished code? It isn’t stopping alot of people and to me just a nuisance >:

The code is obfuscated not to stop you from looking at it, but as a warning that it’s not ready for public consumption. If you’re sufficiently interested in modding it despite it’s current state, then we look forward to seeing what you come up with! But if you would like things to be in a more finished, less unstable, less likely-to-change state, then you might want to wait until we release final, unobfuscated version.


not much more need be said, beyond what @sdee had provided … suffice to say that all good things come to those who wait (a little bit longer)…

we’ll have a more formalized modding API, and all will be right with the world… :wink:

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Personally, I think they have written an embarrassing novel in-between the code as comments - which they are now trying to hide.

I want to believe.