Lua decompiler for Stonehearth

I want to change around the Lua files in the stonehearth.smod, but I don’t know how to edit the luac files? I think you have to decompile them, but do any of you guys know of a tool to do that? I am sure there are quite a few people who have already done this.


I believe people like @Xavion prefer to use unluac. There was an alternate to it, but I can’t remember its name and I think they liked it less anyway :wink:

If you want an easy unpack-smod-files-and-decompile-everything tool, check out my unwrp. Basically, install Java 6 or newer (if you haven’t already), download the .jar into your mods/ folder, execute it and get everything nicely decompiled and all.

unwrp is recommended by many @RepeatPan (which use it all themselves too) all over the world.

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Do I have to download Java SDK(JDK)? Or just the user edition that you get from something)

For unwrp, the user edition is enough. No JDK should be required.

Also, Will the game run with what unwrp gives me? Or do I have to pack it back up? And do I ahve to recompile the lua files? Or will it run with just .lua?

Thanks for the help!

After you’ve run unwrp you can start modifying the files and the game will recognize them as such. Compiling the files or zipping them is not required, unless you need an easy way to share your changes with others.

Ok thanks! [20 charachter requirment]

@RepeatPan How do you use unluac to compile Lua files?

You compile lua files using luac, which comes in the official lua packet. But compiling lua files isn’t necessary. You can zip normal lua files, too.

you can also take a look at @Xavion’s UnSmod tool

How do you decompile lua files with unluac? I’ve try everything and it’s not working.

I’m not using unluac, I’m using unwrp as I’ve said before.

i can attest to @RepeatPan’s unwrp working effortlessly… click the .jar, and voila

@RepeatPan I was a bit confused, I get it now thanks for the help. Quick question guys, what files would I have to change to add more people to the start of the game.