Why choose worker of Mason?

Mason can do everything a worker can do as jobs but should i keep them workers bechause of the worker outfit?
or is it better to make them usefull and happy with having a real job?

Do the mason chop down trees aswell? if so, i will promote all my workers to masons!

No why you want them to be workers, is so they are free to be promoted to other classes and not having leveled up in masonry first.

Each level they work, get the next harder to achieve, so a level 6 mason that you promote to a footman, will take forever to level up to level 6 as a soldier :slight_smile:

o okey thx didnt know that about switching jobs is hard


The speed bonus of the advanced worker clothing is quite big. +20 to the speed stat (which in most cases is +20% or even more) can be a tremendous boost to your economy.

Not exactly the best example, since soldier classes level the fastest. But turning a level 6 mason into a herbalist could become a massive chore.

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You will not want to have a lot of masons, because when you order something to craft, one of them will be chosen at random, so it will take a massive time to even level once, as the exp gain is being split randomly between the crafters.