Worker won't be promoted

I have been trying to promote a worker to a mason and it doesn’t work. The requirements are a level 2 potter, which I have, and a mason’s chisel. I have made 3 of those and none work. Any suggestions?

You promote a level 2 potter to mason. not a worker…

If I am understanding correctly you are trying to promote directly a worker to a mason and that is not how it works. It is as above, the worker has to have had 2 levels in potter before able to be mason.

You must be playing RC.

That is my guess, but if anything reload the save, then reload the game as a whole to see if helps.

About all I can think of off hand, if I misunderstood, then I haven’t a clue on it. Not ran into not being able to promote.

Welcome to the forum, @Cassie :slight_smile:

As @Tamorr says, it’s the potter at level 2 who can be promoted to mason.

If you look at the jobs tree:

The lines connect the different jobs. It makes sense that you can only promote footmen to archers / knights, only can promote herbalists to clerics, and so on. These are advanced classes that are available once a hearthling has some experience on a job from the first line (the one connected to the worker icon).

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I feel like a fool. :slight_smile: I just started playing a couple of days ago and thought a mason and potter were two separate things…Also thank you for not being mean about my mistake. :slight_smile:

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