Who's good at naming things?

Hey! So, I’m making a webcomic for this year-long project we do at my school in our senior year, and the thing is, I am A) super behind right now, and B) just awful at naming things. Just… just awful man. You don’t even know.

But yeah, I don’t want to go too in depth about it in case no one particularly cares, but heck, if you do, ask and I will. The comic sort of takes place half in the real world, and half inside like a SAO-style full dive video game, and the main characters are like, part of the development team for the game I guess. It’s proving a little difficult to write just because I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m winging it fairly well.

Anyways, so, I’m having some (a lot) of trouble coming up with a name for the game, and the comic by extension, which, in all honesty, I’m probably just going to end up naming after the game. So I mean, if anyone cares I can go a little into what the fictional game is all about. So y’know, yeah, I guess.

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i’d love to know more, i’d love to know everything about it!

but first, what genre is the game in this web-comic?

Its sort of, well its sort of an amalgam of SAO (as much as I dont much care for the storytelling, I thought it was a really cool idea that could have been expanded upon way better, yknow?) TF2, and this free-to-play MMO Aura Kingdom I played for a while. So like, sort of an MMORPG type of set up with PVP and PVE, with a weird cross between high fantasy and gunner aesthetics. It’s uh, maybe that makes more sense in my head.

Edit: Well, no, not high fantasy, just fantasy I guess. Like, there’s no elves or fairies or anything, just magic.

The universe sounds like Final Fantasy 6, so maybe incorporate steam and machinery into the name.

Keywords that come to mind you might use in the game title are Empire, Steam, Metal, Ruin, Balance.

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That could be pretty cool. I haven’t actually played any final fantasy, but I have played the bejesus out of My Life as a King, which is a wiiware title by the same developers. Ah, memories, I loved that game.

this is a little off topic, but if I were to livestream myself drawing a little bit, would anyone be interested in watching? I’m still trying to get used to this art program I’m using (and my first panel needs to be up on the 2nd :sweat:)

i would, i love watching people draw and make art!

Alright! I use this program called joinme. Theres no audio or anything, but it has like a chat box

heres the link join.me

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