What would you name your kingdom?

Hey there, so earlier today I was thinking about what I would name my kingdom once the beta comes out.
So, what would you guys call your town/kingdom/empire, and why would you call it that, does that name have any history to it?

I would call it Turinn, because that is the name I use in most civilization roleplays on forums (I seriously think this forum needs a Forum Game or Forum Roleplay category for topic)

Long Live the Inferno Empire!

I really dont know yet D: but probably, something like “The dark side of the voxel” :smiley:

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really? we didnt have this thread already? congratulations @theEPiK1! :smile:

i suppose mine would both inspire fear in my enemies, and admiration from my citizens… im thinking Caldera (2 points for those that know the name… except for @sdee)… some alternatives might be:

  • SteveVille
  • Little Steve on the Prairie
  • Anywhere But GeoffersVille
  • La Grande Casa de Esteban
  • Party Palace

I was thinking something more along the lines of “Thank god its NOT,” but thats just me…
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(also, I was sorely tempted to Google that reference, but I’ll just wait for someone who actually knows…)

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The Shadows of Nomads. (I plan to see if at first i can be a traveling kingdom of spys/hunters/scouts)


The Writer’s Workshop helped me out with a few ideas. Honestly, I didn’t think too much about it until then, I was just going to recycle my names from previous strategy games.

  • Liyl was the name for a kingdom set in a sea of endless plains, broken only by a distant forest and the massive body of a deceased Titan, named the Titanic Ruin.
  • Toel was based on top of a series of white cliffs jutting out of woodlands, with the Leporians, a clan of bunny-folk, living nearby. Also faced with Titan problems, pretty much everyone is.
  • Carbas is a developed, industrial trade city, with a great dam that is used to irrigate crops, store water, and power devices. Definitely my vote for a Steampunk-esque city.

Only Carbas was named purposefully so far; I thought of carbon/charcoal and its role in smelting and steel production and the name fit for me.

Would I use these names for my actual games once my computer is graced with Stonehearthian goodness? I’m not sure. Nearly every game I play is driven by the stories I make for them as I go, so maybe I’ll create more for the chance at a new tale to tell.

Sheesh, quite a Romantic mindset there. You should see my Minecraft games…[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:4, topic:3235”]
i suppose mine would both inspire fear in my enemies, and admiration from my citizens

Go for Party Palace. Party Palace every time.


Well a Caldera is a feature of a volcano… but if there is a pop culture reference, i’m at a loss, don’t have/watch cable… so search me!! @SteveAdamo




Yes I think rybilia or rybiltown would do nicely

you… you dont know how proud this makes me feel! :cry: (of joy)

wow, love the back stories on display here… this one certainly evokes pretty specific imagery… :+1:

close, but no :cake: for you!


La Ciudad de Muerte… May the enemies quake in fear!!!

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Well, I think that the only real logical choice here is simple: either Manofretia (read – Man-oh-FREE-shuh) or Retmania (ret-MAHN-yuh).


Ohh… a Portal reference +1… you dirty dog!! The cake is a lie!!

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When I was a kid I wrote a series of short stories called the Chronicles of Orthoria (ironically, its name had nothing to do with that similarly titled series by CS Lewis) and though I had developed the names of several nations and political entities, all the stories were principally set in the Kingdom of Chacoon.

Though the stories are only a distant memory to me, I still love using the names “Orthoria” and “Chacoon” in my medieval fantasy myth making. So I’ll probably use one of those.

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Narnia is what id pick, cause im uncreative :stuck_out_tongue:



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Hunteria the great nation of the iron arrow.

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It took me a day to come up with it: Nekotown (or Neko no gakure I guess).
InternetCookie if you guess exactly why.

I’m not sure what to call my kingdom yet, but I wonder why all of you even bother to name yours? I mean, let’s face it, they will have the name of my kingdom soon enough :slight_smile:


lolz, it sounds like a place n Fallout.