Name Backstories

Everyone has a story to why they use the online alias they use, I figured it’d be awesome to share the stories behind our names for the fun of conversation.

I got my name when I got my first Xbox Live Gold account, I wanted to have my name in it as well as a random word and the xbox spat out “PandemicTyler”. Over the last 7 years people always called me pandemic whenever I play games with them, so I took it up. I’m also very clumsy so… I kinda cause mini disasters…


Well, I personally have had a long history of names. I have been Fortyfester, Bansheebandit, Hellsraider, and now I decided to settle on LordNevs. My current user was inspired by one of my favorite you-tubers called TehNevs, who did a very nice Mass Effect series. The other names were usually just random things that popped into my head without significance.

Why the hecks gosh-golly not. All of my names with the exception of my very first AOL screen name have been based off of Role Play characters of mine.

Pendryn Allurias Assuyean is a fine outstanding fisherman.


Oh I have put waaay too much thought in mine. My first online nickname was Robot Marvin, because I just loved that depressed robot from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
But I realized that I did not want to always have a depressed character as name to be called by myself.

That was when I decided on Pirx Danford - its made up from three others of my favourite book characters.
Pirx is from the Pilot Pirx books by Stanislaw Lem. The Ford comes from Ford Prefect, not the car but another character from the Hitchhiker. Well and the Dan is a very specific Dan, its R Daneel Olivaw from the books of Isaac Asimov, the robot that manages to overcome the first law of robotics.

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Wow, mine is incredibly boring; it’s what yahoo spat out at me when I setting up my first email address and I’ve used it for everything I sign up for to be consistent ever since.



God damn you @Pandemic.

So, here it goes.

My middle name is Geoffrey - Geoffers is obviously a natural progression …

As for 747 … I wish it was something cool. I’m a big halo fan, so much so that when I created my gamertag several years ago I thought it’d be really cool to have the callsign of Master Chief. Only, I had forgotten the callsign, and took a guess. It was wrong.

Worked out for the best though, Geoffers117 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I hope you’re happy getting me to confess my deepest secret.


@Geoffers747 Hey, I love Halo as much as the next guy xD

Mine is also boring ^^ All people calls me Wiese because my Surname is Wiesinger :smile:and i love to lie on grassland (germantranslation: Wiese).

I am Galphan the Grey, Galphan is a real life nickname. Friends call me the Server Wizard.

Anyone remembers Final Fantasy VII? There was this Chocobo Sage-Guy in the North. In German he’s called “Der Chocobo-Weise”. That was my Nick once. But as you can see it’s waaaaay too long, so people shortened it to Chocwise a long time ago. So now I’m known as Chocwise. :smiley:

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Hey you could make up some BS story about the 747 having something to do with the Boeing 747, a pretty cool plane.

I used to have the user ffire11. That was my username for runescape, the first time I ever made a username for anything. It was special to me, and this was when I was like 7 or 8 in 2005 or 2006. After a year or two of being a complete noob, I accidentally forgot my password that I kept changing. It was something like yo mama. Later, I got back into runescape in 2009. I wasn’t sure what to name him, but I remembered that my mom said when I was little, when asked what my name was, I would say “Patfor” I just went for Patfor333 because it looked really good to me, and still does. My stories are silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit/btw: My name is Patrick

My name is Ernest and my dad used to call me Ernie, I’ve always like Ernie as a name, it sounds cool.

When he was pushing me to make a blog he asked for a name for the blog (I never blog so don’t go looking for it) and I was just thinking random thoughts and ernierock popped up. I really like Ernierock and it’s my username on everything.
It was molmen1 on runescape though.

My username is comming from a town name. My little sister is born in china ( we are dutch) and the town where she is born is Yangzhou. So i just putted a i at the end. And tadaaahhh you got my nickname Yangzhoui. I never had that it was already taken :smiley:

My nickname actually came from a book, if anyone read “A world without end” you’d know a character named Kris, since she was amazigly smart i thought she was sharp :stuck_out_tongue: from there sprouted SharpKris which has yet to be picked by anyone else. also its a good name to any decent rogue/thief class in any mmo

my in game login id lokalice
lok as in .lok as in dot. from dot.hack
lok was a dot.hack game that nvr made it out of japan an was the first to have online play
alice was a miss tranlatiom from the magna of dot.hack where the girl u save is named alice an not Aura
an all to gether u get lok.alice when i can or lokalice
ps sorrydata is my forum id from the enterprise

Well, my username is because I like the colour blue and I like tigers: ‘bluetiger’.

I first used this on PSN and my PS3 screamed back at me “Already taken” so I thought to use some numbers: 6000? No, 6001!

Thus bluetiger6001.

Well, as a history fan, especially ancient greek history, and being a greek myself, I decided to use an ancient greek name. So I found the name Aristomaxos using google. It is composed of two words, Aristo=perfect and maxos(x is pronounced as an h(mahos))=warrior and so I’ve stuck with it ever since :slight_smile:

Many years ago we had to make a boot disk for a Mac machine, a ramdisk. I had a cat at the time that used to wake me by ramming his head into my face. I choose the name Ramcat for my ramdisk and the name has stuck ever since.

I started out as Pkid, that stood for pastors kid (my fathers profession). From then on it went from The Eagle to 30Ninjas. I somehow found my way to StaticBullet (MC Username), then to DriedPaintbrush. Eventually I chose CivilPenguin, then Statamatic. Now I just started a new username Syphilizations. I found this name while talking about STD’s with friends. The conversation escalated to us talking about Advanced Syphilis and I said “So do they have Syphilizations?” and I rather like it.