White Cliffs Biome v1.0 May 1 [A24] - On Workshop

The White Cliffs Biome is my first public biome and allows for you to take your Hearthlings to glacier scraped canyons. Features: Limited green space to build. Cold and dismal weather (yes snow). Potential water generation issues in the “bump outs”.


White Cliffs Biome v1.0 Tested with Stonehearth A24. Best when “fancy graphics” is enabled.


Updated the biome to snow more and rain less.








The mod can be downloaded to your Stonehearth\Mods directory. After more play testing I will be placing it out on the Steam Workshop.


I may add new stones/boulders to match the white rock.


There is an ongoing issue with the generation of the bump outs and water which causes the water to “float” above the terrain. This can be fixed by simply mining one of the blocks beneath the error but it is still a bit annoying.


Hey, welcome to the world of creating worlds :wink:

I know this problem very well, gave me a lot of headache in my first versions of the archipelago. What is happening is that the water is generated in chunks of 16x16, and its vertical position is based on the center of this chunk. If your neighbor terrain has those side pieces extending too far, it could reach the center of a water chunk, making it think it is elevated.
The solution: Make sure that the cliffs does not extend too much.

This is the interesting piece of code:

"terrain_detailer": {
	"mountains": {
		"depth_function": {
			"layer_thickness": 3,
			"layer_count": 2

Where layer_thickness, is the thickness of each “side chunk”, and layer_count is how many layers of side chunks a cliff can have in sequence. If you multiply one by the other, you get the maximum possible range they will extend outside of the wall, so you want to keep the total value below 8 (half of a chunk) to avoid the water generation finding those pieces instead of the terrain below. Looking at your file, it seems that you are safe? (2x3) So maybe you updated it already, anyway, here is the info if you still need it.

I loaded it and it worked fine as is. Loved the colors.


Yeah there was a LOT of reloading. Honestly it was probably at least 80% of my time. I released this one because it was as close to “done” as I could make it. Hopefully I can get my desired effect in the next biome but I worry that the generator simply will not allow it. And then I still need to get that custom lua in my third biome working correctly but that mod is probably going to be a complete rewrite :smiley:

Yes I had to pull them way back and actually pull the water coverage back as well. What is in there now is the “happy medium” I think.

Thanks! Hopefully it gives a slightly harder experience to our veteran builders out there.

Official. Updated so it snows more and rains less. I do love this fog.

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suggestion (unsure how impossible this is): single blocks of white scattered around the top layer of the water. floating bits of ice :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually when I saw the floating boxes thanks to @Albert! [MOD] Floating Boxes (from Water Additions Desktop Tuesday) I thought of this biome and icebergs so I believe this is very doable. The problem as it sits for me is to wait for this to be a real thing in SH or add the code to biome mod or require this one to allow for the ice chunks. The junky way to do this would be to simply create an entity that sort of floats off the ground but then you would have to account for how deep the water was. This isn’t too hard but I sort of stopped to ponder. And so that is sort of where it sits. As @Relyss stated concerning the floating boxes:

It would also be really cool to have the water simply freeze over.

this looks AWESOME!!! i will get it for SP ofc… but is there any workaround (does it work) for multiplayer?

Unless there is something special that someone needs to do for MP biome support I don’t know why it wouldn’t. Since there isn’t anything “special” I would guess only the host would need this mod.

@max99x can you answer the question if any old biome mod would work with MP?

Yes, any old biome mod should work with MP. Since this one is on the Workshop, clients will auto-sync it too (assuming the server is using the Workshop version).


That is awesome news. Thanks for the quick reply!

And happy anniversary!


nice one! just i’m so used to seeing red: not available in workshop mods when joining others :wink:

Yea that is a common issue with MP and mods. Either you need a central site to obtain mods (Steam horay), some type of P2P capability in the game to share the mods, or you need to do a bunch of pre-coordination to get all the right versions. Hope it works for you.

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I just gave this a go in multi-player, and it’s such a beautiful biome! :jubilant: :heart:

I like all the snow, but my Hearthlings didn’t care for it. That’s my fault for not bringing enough coats, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL! Can’t you still make the heavy cloths?

Just wondering if there is an easy solution to an issue I’ve encountered.

Game throws an “invalid manifest” error and won’t allow selection of the mod.

I’m assuming the reason is that the game has updated far more recently than the mod, so if that’s the case I’ll understand. (but be dissapointed)

There’s been a report that you can’t obtain Hunk 'o Hard Coal when mining Coal veins in this Biome. That is when using the ACE mod.