[MOD] Floating Boxes (from Water Additions Desktop Tuesday)

Hey all!

A few weeks ago we posted a Desktop Tuesday where we implemented floating boxes in the game and used them to build logic gates:

As we hinted in the video, those floating boxes are now available in a mod:
floating_physics.smod (34.3 KB)

The mod adds a Floating Box recipe to the Carpenter, but you might find it handy to use the Item Dropper in the Debug Tools mod to add them to your world (also handy to drop Wet and Dry Stones to manage your water levels).

If there’s enough interest, we could start up a weekly contest to see who can come up with the most innovative designs. To start off with, who will be the first person to build a working NAND gate?

Have fun and happy building!

[Edit: 2018-04-02 Mod has been updated to fix an error when boxes are moved.]
[Edit: 2018-07-12 Mod has been updated to work with the latest build.]


Bridges by @Relyss:


Notes for expectations:

  • Too many boxes can be bad for performance.

  • Floating physics only support 1x1x1 size.

  • The floating physics code is not very good, don’t look at it.

Other than that, feel free to experiment.


Thanks for the warnings and great job on the bridge!!!


Awww…so no making floating bunny buddies yet?


I’m unable to get my NAND to work. I’m not sure why. Sometimes the box does not float.


The blue path is the power line. The boxes in it are float boxes.
The two other boxes are common crates, and are the inputs A and B.
The idea is that it is two not gates. The water should flow, even when one of the inputs are flowing too, cause the water can simple go through the other route. Only when both inputs are active, the boxes would block both path and result in an off signal.

It was based from the not gate shown in the video.

Here the template if needed:
building_templates.zip (10.3 KB)


@BrunoSupremo Make sure your input water level is high enough before you enable the inputs or the power line. The source water level needs to be slightly above the top of the box in order for it to float, but I would aim for keeping the source level almost at the top of the input channel height.


Mod has been updated to work with the latest build.