Which Parts Should Be Separate? ~Box O' Vox~


It’s something Owl did a long time ago that was needed due to how extremely overpowered my mod as a whole was(and maybe still is a little, I’ve tried :stuck_out_tongue:) My question now is whether or not the community would want these back? And which ones make the most sense to split off from the main one so players don’t need to use my complete mod in case there are parts they don’t like?

My main thought of course is to make the Necromancer a stand alone mod once again for everyone who simply wishes to use that. After that though, I’m not sure what else exactly would be needed to split.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.


I can also name the necromancer but not the rest, it was always too much of EVERYTHING for my taste, so the split off parts might be interesting :slight_smile:


Just remember that splitting it will break saves.

Also, it is pretty much all optional, right? So I see no need to split it cause the player can simple ignore the content he doesn’t want to use. Classes and biomes can be ignored, items too if not too many.
If you are going to split, do it on stuff that is not optional, stuff that the player ends having to tolerate if he desires to just use something else.
E.g. ace, has a lot of non optional stuff. You want to play with dwarfs, cool, but you are forced to have all the changes to farms, combat, etc… too


There are only a small handful of things I change no matter what you do. Food Values get changed for everyone simply due to how some of the code is loaded and can’t be changed once you pick Kingdom/Biome while other files do seem to change. Same thing with the calendar year now as well. There isn’t a way around some of the things as far as I know, so basically I just wanted a sense of what everyone “doesn’t” want in the mod. So, even players who simply wanted to use my Necromancer still have to deal with those changes. Oh, also the Cleric gets changed for everyone since it’s needed to craft and promote into a Necromancer.


I always used the Necromancer stand alone. I tried the entire mod once and did not like the background music so never played it again. All of the rest of the mod is super awesome a.f.! Maybe if you could make that an option to toggle back and forth “classic” or “Vox” music?


I was thinking of just adding the music to the boxlings only like how the other kingdoms add their own but don’t mess with anything else :wink:


Just found out you have cows and pigs? So cows and pigs XD


Seconding the music needing to be cut into it’s own thing

It’s okay fight music, but entirely out-of-theme with the rest of the game’s music, & it’s a fair bit too loud and too repetitive.